Become a CHBGS Member

The Council of Historically Black Graduate Schools – Membership and Dues


Membership in CHBGS shall be by institution and shall be comprised of Full and Associate member institutions. Full and Associate members of CHBGS must be committed to the advancement of graduate and/or professional education of African-Americans and other racial or ethnic minorities. Membership shall include a review of the applicant institution by CHBGS’ Nominating Committee, a vote by CHBGS, and the payment of annual dues.

Full Membership
a. Any graduate school or graduate program located at a historically black college or university (a “HBCU”) is eligible for Full membership. Full membership shall entitle an institutional representative to hold any office of CHBGS and to vote on all matters before the membership. At the time of its selection as a Full membership, an institution must be fully accredited by its appropriate regional or professional accrediting body.

Associate Membership
b. Associate membership, shall include: (1) graduate schools and programs that are not located at a HBCU but that support the mission of CHBGS; (2) organizations and/or associations concerned with graduate and/or professional education; and, (3) any institution contemplating the offering of graduate work or any institution offering graduate work, but not fully accredited as defined above. Associate membership entitles an institutional representative to exercise all privileges except that of voting and holding the office of President and Vice-President of CHBGS. The Institutional Representative of an Associate Member shall have voice in all matters before CHBGS and may serve on all other committees of CHBGS.

Representation. Each institutional member shall designate one official representative, who shall express the member’s voice and/or cast the member’s vote on all matters before the membership. Nothing in this section, however, precludes a member institution from sending as many delegates or participants to CHBGS meetings as it deems appropriate.


Dues shall be collected annually from institutional members.